Sunday, December 26, 2010

North Carolina crab slough Oysters, Colington Style

Eating North Carolina oysters, Colington style at the Blue Crab Tavern

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Most Misunderstood Name

When you hear the term Dead Bird Buggy Bash, what does that say to you?

Once upon a time I was an honorary Texan living in Austin. During the Thanksgiving Holidays, instead of coming home to North Carolina's Outer Banks to spend time with family, the wife and I would join our second family along the Gulf Coast in Galveston where we would fly kites, socialize, and celebrate the holiday.

Our second family was a group of kite and wind traction enthusiasts that brought Thanksgiving to the beach. They named it Dead Bird Buggy Bash (DBBB). No, it wasn't for the expired shorebirds you might see along the roads or beach. It was for the turkeys. This was the first place I had ever seen anyone deep fry a turkey. A whole turkey. Several, in fact...

Always a feast. Not only the moistest turkey you could put in your mouth, but hams, brisket, gulf shrimp, a mess of fixin's and sides, plus cobbler cooked in a dutch oven.

Everyone brings something to share and the group chips in for the turkeys. It's a warm, welcoming Texan environment that makes you feel right at home.

The beaches on each end of Galveston Island are large and mostly hard pack, making it perfect for landboards, kite buggys and land sailors.

I was at another event recently and the topic of DBBB was raised. It was during these conversations I realized that most people had no idea that "dead bird" was a dysphemism for turkey. One individual had attended DBBB a couple times before they realized the connection.

Now they know...and so do you.

After a two-year hiatus I look forward to returning this year. Hope to see you there.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Wildwood Buggy Bash

Wildwood Buggy Bash is held on the expansive beaches of Wildwood, New Jersey. Once famous for boardwalk amusements and ferris wheels, this area is fast becoming the most popular spot on the east coast for kite buggying.

Over one-hundred power kite enthusiasts were in attendance this October. Plenty of wind and sunshine brought smiles to everyone’s face all weekend long. HQ Kites was on hand with a ton of gear for demo, including the new Apex III, Montana VI and Toxic. One rider liked the new Apex so much, he rode off one morning and did not return all day! Friday winds were very strong and gusty out of the west. Turbulence from buildings made for bumpy wind. Beamers were the kite of choice. Nothing munches a gust better than a Beamer! We look forward to returning to Wildwood next May for the spring edition.

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Racing returns to Kitestorm

Kitestorm is an annual snowkiting event held on Lake Champlain, Vermont, just north of Burlington. Sponsored by Rachael and James of Stormboarding, the event featured clinics, demonstrations, racing, cool prizes, buffet banquet and plenty of freeriding.

Hydra on ice

HQ Powerkite freeride

The HQ Powerkites Team drove up from North Carolina with a huge quiver of foils to sample. We were pleased to witness a thin layer of powder fall Thursday night, providing a lake surface that could be ridden by ski, snowboard or buggy. Plenty of new enthusiasts got a great introduction to the sport over the weekend.

ice buggy

Circuit racing returned to the lake with heats stretched over Saturday & Sunday. The Grand Prize was sweet - a 2010 HQ Montana V 9.5m kite!

One sweet ride

Rachel conducts the race meeting

Chris Krug took top honors, but we hear his lovely wife and fellow racer Molly Savard, will claim rights to the kite. At times Molly raced with an Apex II 10m and is stoked to be adding to her HQ collection.

Molly rides to a finish on her Apex

Sunday brought the smoothest northwest breeze that did not disappoint. It was freeriders paradise.

Sunday was epic

Neo II - At home on liquid or solid H2O

Scout II is beginner friendly

Craig Young kite wrangler

We look forward to next year!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Win a new HQ Montana V Kite

Win a brand new 2010 HQ Montana V

Don’t miss your chance! Enter the Kitestorm Circuit Race on Saturday, February 20th for your chance to win the grand prize – a 2010 HQ Montana V 9.5m kite.

Kitestorm is an annual event held on Lake Champlain, Vermont – February 20-21st, just outside of Burlington.

Never been snow kiting?

At Kitestorm you can get a taste of the sport in the free clinics, freeride to your heart's content and challenge yourself against yourself and others in the first Kitestorm Around the Islands race. For more information, contact Stormboarding at 802.578.6120 or e-mail:

Team HQ Powerkites will be on location with a huge quiver of Montana Vs, Neo IIs, Apex IIs, Scout IIs, Hydras and Rush Pros for you to sample.

But we digress…

The Circuit Race will be for all riders looking for a reasonable challenge and some personal satisfaction. The lucky winner will take to the snow with the HQ Montana V 9.5m.

The Montana V is a highly refined foil kite that combines stability and performance using developments in paragliding technology. A higher aspect ratio with more efficient profile provides increased depower and quicker turning speed. The flexible canopy better absorbs gusts for a smoother ride. The Montana V is easy to handle and offers high-end performance for the demanding pilot. The bar system has been redeveloped and the new molded 'EVO' chicken loop offers increased safety and user-friendliness. It packs tightly into an ergonomic backpack with attachment points for all kinds of boards, helmets and harnesses. Whether you want to explore the backcountry or focus on freestyle, the Montana V delivers.

Design Features:

- Leash-less safety system

- Double pulley speed system with Ronstan Stainless Steel Pulleys

- Y-Line design with colored lines

- New 50 cm (7m, 9.5m) or 60 cm (12.5m) composite bar and state of the art chicken loop

- Redesigned shape for more turning speed and depower

- Water repellent skin, highest quality materials

- Bomb proof construction

- Simple relaunch

- Easy handling

- Dirt-outs at wing tips

See you on the ice!